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Welcome to the Gothic Pirates site. This is intended to be an educational website that was created as a project for a Gothic literature course.

As time progresses forward, traditions in storytelling are often maintained. The traditions of Gothic literature that originated in the  late 1700s are no exception. It combines elements of romance, horror and suspense that have intrigued audiences for hundreds of years.

What are these traditions? What makes them last? How are they still present in modern narratives? In order to answer these questions, the various pages found here examine the adaptation of Gothic traditions in the modern Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

For a general overview of the Gothic and examples of its traditions relevant to the movie, check out The Gothic Tropes page. The Gothic Origins, The Role of Men, and The Role of Women pages connect elements of the movie to concrete examples of the Gothic traditions in Gothic narratives. The Real World Gothic page explains some ways in which Pirates of the Caribbean came to exist.

Because new forms of looking at narratives and themes are always appearing, especially through the use of multimedia (which our course has focused on incorporating), we have also included a Memes page with memes regarding the movies.